Intellimetric® is the gold standard in Automated Essay Scoring

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The IntelliMetric AI Scoring Engine

IntelliMetric®  is an automated essay scoring tool developed by Vantage Learning that uses Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Statistics in its scoring of essays. Hundreds of studies have been conducted to evaluate the quality of IntelliMetric scoring. Agreement rates (exact, adjacent, and discrepant) with expert human scorers and correlations between IntelliMetric and human scores are the most common methods of evaluating the quality of IntelliMetric and other automated essay scoring engines. In essence, the expert human scoring is a baseline for the quality of automated essay scoring engines. IntelliMetric meets or exceeds the accuracy of expert human raters.

The IntelliMetric Process:

Step 1

Scores assessments in one one-hundredth of a second.

Step 2

Identifies students’ unique strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3

Delivers decile holistic and per-domain scores.

What Our Partners say about IntelliMetric

Trusted by Leaders in Education

Our industry-leading A.I. scoring service (IntelliMetric® ) is entrusted to score the GMAT writing assessment for more than a decade.
In 2020, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded MY Access!® a research grant to study the impact of IntelliMetric® scoring and MY Tutor® adaptive revision feedback on the advancement of middle and high school student argumentative writing skills.

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